Liberty Technologies, Inc.

"The small business advocate to have on your team."
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300 Preston St.
Liberty, Missouri, USA 64068

The mission of Liberty Technologies, Inc. is to assist the small to medium size business achieve the desired production from available information and communication technologies while specializing in IBM's AS/400 solution development.

Offered Services:

  Commercial Services:
- Computer Services
- E-mail serving
- E-Commerce

Onsite Services
Consulting Topics:
- Software Application
- Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
- System and Application Integration
- Advanced Function Printing (AFP)
- Software and Operational Procedure
Software Application:
- Custom Development
- Software Integration
- Software Distribution
- Application Coding
- Application Support>

**** Exciting New Project to Review!!! ****
Direct DB/2 file access from any Web browser using
Freestyle400 !!!
(Note: If you have trouble pulling up any of
these examples, have your sites firewall checked
that it allows port 83 traffic.)

RGP-ILE Example
RPG-OPM Example

Projects and Published Project References:

  Communications Week
Production Control
Internet Week
Software Distribution
Phi Lambda Phi
Project Management (in progress)

Professional Organizations, Affiliations and Associations:

  National Register's Who's Who
In Executives and Professionals

(631) 321-0007

SoftLanding Systems
(800) 545-9485

Kansas City Business Directory
816.474.7873 (
Liberty, Missouri
Chamber of Commerce

(816) 781-5200

Computer Professionals Unlimited
(913) 397-8459
  National Association
of System Administrators
(708) 229-2601

Curbstone Corporation
(888) 874-1212

If you have any questions or comments please drop us a line, we would appreciate hearing from you.

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