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Get affordable AS400 consulting and COBOL, RPG and HTML programming and support.

In addition to Web Hosting and Web Development.

Liberty Technologies EDI/HIPAA Clients (click here)

With our clients clearinghouse we have developed a nightly electronic interface (EDI) for a claims uploading system.  This allows our clients who subscribe to the service with the ability to view the submitted and further processed claims from their own computer through a secure connection to the internet. This process has been functioning for several years with little to no down-time and only minor interruptions.

Safe Claims View, Clients or Insureds (click here)

We have developed a web interface called Safe Claims View (SCV) system.  SCV has ample security and several levels of administration to govern access and activity within.  But for the user it is simple and strait forward to navigate.  SCV provides both our Third Party Administrator (TPA) clients (who subscribe) and their clients with a safe and secure login procedure.

Once logged in, as an administrator, SCV provides our clients with the ability to fully administer the look and feel of their SCV presence, as well as all user activity within it.  Once logged in, as a user, their clients are able to safely view their claims and the claims for their dependents from their own computer through a secure connection to the internet. It is safe, complete and easy!

Click on the above link and read the brochure page for a more indepth overview. If you would like a demo from a member of our knowledgable team give us a call or click the 'Contact Us' and send us an email.

Offered Services:

  Commercial Services:
- Computer Services
- Web hosting
- E-mail serving
- E-Commerce

Consulting Topics:
- Software Application
- Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
- System and Application Integration
- Advanced Function Printing (AFP)
- Software and Operational Procedure
Software Application:
- Custom Development
- Integration
- Distribution
- Coding
- Support

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